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Spring Fitness Reboot

The sun is finally shining, the snow is melting, and your bathing suit has magically made its way to the top of your drawer in anticipation of warmer weather! If you lost motivation to work out over the winter when it was too cold to leave your house, it’s time to reignite your fitness goals! Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate where you’re at with your workouts and fitness goals and the perfect time to ditch the gym and head outdoors for a workout.

Set a Schedule

Create a realistic schedule that will allow you to reach all of your fitness goals. Creating a schedule allows you to build up your workouts over time. It’s okay to start small and build up over time. No one is expecting you to workout six days a week and do cardio workouts every single day! Creating a schedule also holds you accountable for your workouts. Make sure your workout schedule is in a place where you are going to frequently see it. Whether it’s on a fitness app or a calendar on your fridge, it’s important to make it visual.

New Shoes

If you haven’t purchased new shoes recently, it might be time to consider shopping for a new pair. Most running shoes last between 300-400 miles, but if you are wearing them for more than just trips to the gym, chances are it’s time to replace them. Replacing your shoes will give you better foot and ankle support while you’re out walking and running. If you’re near a specialty running store, they will fit you for a shoe specific to you by looking at your gait/pronation.


Stretching is one of the most important things to do before and even after working out. Stretching can include lunges, touching your toes, swinging your legs while standing, twisting from side to side and even walking your hands forward. Stretching helps loosen your muscles and prepare them for your workout. Once you’ve worked out, static stretches can be added in as part of your cool down. These stretches include things like yoga and the typical touch and hold stretches.

Toss the Scale

The scale is your biggest enemy if you are working out to lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, and while you are noticing changes in the way your body looks, the scale might not reflect that. To accurately measure your progress, measure your waist, hips and other areas you’d like to target.

Reward Yourself

It’s important to set goals for yourself and once you reach those goals, reward yourself! It doesn’t matter if your goals are small; any goal deserves to be rewarded. Some people like to buy themselves more expensive workout clothes, new shoes or even treat themselves to a message. Whatever the reward, make sure it is something you will thoroughly enjoy!

Good luck and enjoy the fantastic spring weather!

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