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Making Memories with Your Kids During Covid-19.

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged, changed, and redefined how families have spent time together at home. We have adapted to new methods of working or schooling, learnt new skills, and may have collectively eaten more meals together than we have in a lifetime. We have tackled stress and anxiety, and we have come to the realization that life might not ever be quite the same. As parents, we have been required to parent, teach, and coach our children all while managing our own workloads and selfcare. Through all this craziness, we have also seen shortages in flour and yeast, proving that we are not only in this together, but also together in our kitchens! Times of nostalgia, in one form or another, are often related to cooking and food. Some of the greatest gifts we could have received, holding significant memories and importance in our lives, are recipes passed down through generations. If we are lucky, these difficult times have given us opportunities to open old family recipe boxes for the first time in years, bringing back dishes that our parents and grandparents used to enjoy. Perhaps we already called grandma to get her scrumptious cookie recipe? We find ourselves recreating favorite deserts our mom used to make, trying to make pasta for the very first time, and baking bread that takes hours of kneading and rising, all in an effort to occupy our time. These are delicious......(read full magazine article in Flourish Magazine -

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