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How To Stick to your Fitness Resolutions in 2019

Every year, January 1st sneaks up, and it’s time to start another unobtainable fitness goal for the year. Some years we make it a couple days, weeks or months into the new year before we completely give up and quit the goal of working out a couple of days a week. 2019 will be the year we tackle the goal and keep up with our fitness routines by following these simple tips! Not only will you be happy, but you’ll start to get healthier too.

Make small, specific goals

Getting and then staying in shape can be a difficult task for some, so it is important to start slowly. Setting small, specific and realistic goals at the start of your workout journey will help. Most people set over-ambitious goals at the beginning that does not allow for an occasional skip day or any misstep. With some time and effort, you will start to see steady improvements within the first couple of weeks.

Mix it up

Admit it, part of the reason you stop your fitness resolution is that you’re tired of going to the gym. Well, the good news is, there are a bunch of other options to get a good workout in that does not involve the gym! Take classes at your local gym or fitness center, or workout from home. Some of the best workouts happen when you try something new.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated during the months going to the gym does not seem possible. Keep a fitness journal or use fitness apps to track your fitness journey. It may also be beneficial to track your weight if you are trying to reach a weight-related goal.

Ditch the fad diet

“Health foods” like fat-free snacks and energy bars are not real foods. Yes, they’re addicting, but they leave you hungry an hour later. Instead of things heavy in chemicals and preservatives, start eating fresh, whole, and minimally processed foods that will leave you full and lead to craving less unhealthy snacks. Fruits and vegetables are great, quick snacks to add to your diet.

Schedule in a break

Sometimes our schedules do not allow us the opportunity to hit the gym every single day, and that’s okay! Scheduling in a day to rest will help your body recover, and you’ll be ready to hit the gym the next day. It’s also okay to skip a day when you just aren’t feeling it.

Getting back in the gym can be hard for some people, but sticking to these simple tips will be beneficial to your fitness journey in the in the long run.

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