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Fitness Trends to Try at Home

When it comes to working out there isn’t always time to hit the gym. Being able to workout at home has become much easier with an increase in home gym equipment and workout programs. Whether you’re looking to get back into a regular workout routine or looking for new things to integrate into your current one, these trends might work for you.

Outdoor Activities

When the weather's nice switch up your workout and head outdoors. Whether you are hiking, biking, cross-country skiing or just walking around the neighborhood you live in, outdoor exercise allows you the chance to interact with your natural surroundings in a way you might not have considered. Taking your workout outside can leave you feeling happier and can make you more excited about your workout routine.


Yoga is one of the top workouts to do while you’re at home. Traditional forms like Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini are popular due to its challenge for both the mind and body. Women who practice yoga find that they can manage their stress and go about their days with mental clarity. Yoga also helps improve your flexibility and balance and depending on the style; it can also help build muscle strength and endurance.

Body-weight Training

Body-weight training has become more popular in the fitness world because of its convenience. Body-weight training can be done anywhere with minimal space and no equipment. Most exercises can be modified for any fitness level. Bodyweight training includes push-ups, squats, planks, lunges and many more exercises that are great for resistance training.

Technology-Based Fitness

Activity trackers, smartwatches and heart rate monitors are some of the most popular tools to use during your workouts. Many trackers estimate your heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, the number of times you stand up throughout the day, the calories you have burned and the amount of time you spend working out. There has even been an increase in app-based fitness activities that allow you to get a workout in at any point in the day.

Strength Training

Strength training helps prevent the decline in muscle mass due to age and is an important part of any fitness routine. Strength training also helps keep your bones and heart healthy and helps prevent everyday aches and pains. Strength training allows individuals to start light and allows them to up the weight and increase their overall muscle strength.

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